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For years, eyebrows have been the focal point of our facial features and traditionally, eyebrow tattoos were a thin black line. However, as trends have continued to change, permanent eyebrow styles and techniques have developed and evolved to what we have today, such as powder brows.

Powder brows are a permanent makeup technique that will enhance your natural eyebrows. One of our highly skilled PMU artists will insert a pigment into the top layer of your skin using a dotting or pixelization technique. This technique will result in achieving a powder brow effect like that of powdered makeup. Powder brows will also enable us to create the desired fullness of your brows in a bespoke shape specifically designed for you and what best suits your facial features. The idea and aim of powder brows are to enhance your natural beauty.

Powder brows are designed to last 12-18 months, with a touch-up appointment required 6 to 8 weeks after your initial appointment. You will never have to draw your eyebrows on again.

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