Scalp micropigmentation is often referred to as a hair or scalp tattoo. It is essentially a tattoo as a pigment is deposited into the skin. However, unlike a traditional tattoo, it is applied to a more superficial layer of the skin. So, although scalp micropigmentation and tattooing share some of the same qualities, they are not the same.

Cost for treatment is dependent upon the amount of hair loss you currently have. We have a pricing chart based on the Norwood scale that we use as a guide during consultation. The average client we treat ranges from $500-$4,000

Some treatments can be less and some can be more depending on factors such as scars, alopecia, simple hairline repair, touch ups, etc. At Scalp Solutions we will work with every clients situation.

Scalp micropigmentation is such a popular hair loss solution treatment because of the undetectable and natural results.
No one will be able to recognize a natural hair follicle from an SMP follicle. The pigment is strategically placed on the scalp to blend with your skin and existing hair to be left with a perfectly natural result.

How many treatments you need will depend on the extent of your hair loss or scarring.
We would generally suggest 2-3 sessions to complete your SMP treatment; however, some may require a fourth.
We recommend spacing these treatments 7-10 days apart. For you to be able to achieve the most natural results, SMP should never be considered a single treatment process.

How long it lasts is entirely dependent on the individual and how well they follow their aftercare advice.
You must be aware that the sun impacts how well the ink lasts, so it is essential always to wear sun protection when stepping out.
It also needs to be understood that the ink may be rejected, but this is why we place extra ink using advanced techniques and applications to avoid this.
The treatment can last anywhere between three and fifteen years.

100%. We can replicate the hair follicles within the scarring with SMP, blending into the hair around the scarred area.
Those who have suffered from hair transplants or surgical scars have had positive results when concealing their scars.

Scalp micropigmentation isn’t without discomfort. However, the pain involved is far less than what most of our clients have expected.
On a scale from 0 to 10, most of our clients would rate their discomfort throughout the treatment between 0 and 2.

We recommend you wait for at least 30 days after treatment before exposing your head to any sunlight. We also suggest that our clients utilize sunscreen (SPF30+) or even a cap anytime they step into the sun.

Most clients can return to work and their daily routine the day following their treatment. They may experience redness and swelling immediately after treatment but this is entirely normal.

Yes, you can. It is a collaborative decision between the artists at All Hair Scalp and the client. We will advise you on what hairline will suit you but it ultimately comes down to your choice.

As scalp micropigmentation is a non-invasive treatment, it doesn’t require downtime. It will subside quickly and most clients return to work immediately or within a couple of days. You may notice slight redness on the scalp for a few days post-treatment. Hats are also allowed so long as they are not too tight or abrasive.

If you’re not quite sure what hairline will suit you, the experts at All Hair Scalp are here to help you. The experts here have the expertise to create a hairline to suit your head, shape and age. They will recommend what is best for you. Your hairline can be tweaked to adjust the hairline for the perfect look throughout your sessions.

If there is a strong pattern of hair loss or thinning of the hair, the client is recommended to crop their hair shorter. However, it depends on the pattern and extent of thinning, as some clients can maintain a longer hair length.

Of course you can. Firstly, you are recommended to cut your hair to a buzz-cut length. As the root itself is darker, the grey hair does not appear when the hair is cut. Secondly, a grey-scale pigment is used. The experts can adjust the shade to blend with lighter tones.
Those with grey hair still benefit from scalp micropigmentation.

Absolutely. It doesn’t matter if you are Caucasian, Black, Hispanic, Asian, or a Pacific Islander; we can match the shade of our pigments to a wide range of skin tones to work for you.

The equipment used at All Hair Scalp is specifically designed and built to be used for SMP.
We use what we believe to be the best on the market. We also use the best-microsized needles to give impressions of the most realistic hair follicle.

We advise wearing a hat after your treatment as your scalp may be a bit red for a few days post-session, so it can help conceal the redness.

Unfortunately not. However, it doesn’t prevent it either. 

Yes, it is ideal you do because you will not be able to wash the scalp for at least three days after your SMP treatment. 

It will depend on how big the treatment area is and how dark we need to go. 
It can be anything between one and four hours. We can stop for breaks in between if needed and want you to remain as comfortable as possible throughout your treatment. 

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